The following links should help you with community resources.  However, DCCIL Independent Living Specialists are available for clarification and assistance with your specific needs and questions.

  1. Rehabilitation Services Administration
  2. DC Statewide Independent Living Council (contact # 202-442-8748)
  3. DC State Rehabilitation Council (contact # 202-442-8686)
  4. University Legal Services
  5. DC Shares
  6. Equal Rights Center
  7. DC Aging and Disability Resource Center
  8. The HSC Foundation
  9. DC Association of the Deaf
  10. National Federation of the Blind
  11. American Council of the Blind
  12. Mid-Atlantic ADA Center
  13. DC Housing Authority
  14. Inclusion Research Institute
  15. WMATA – Metro Trip Planner
  16. Yellow Cab Company of DC